The Standing Committees

There are seven standing committees that help operate the school: Membership, Education, Publicity, Special Events, Personnel, Social, and Technology. Each committee generally has two co-chairs who are appointed by the President in the spring. The make-up of the various committees is also determined by the President each spring.

All Park West parents are required to serve on either the board of directors, a committee, or work as a room parent each school year.

  • Education Committee

    Organizes and runs the annual book fair, grade school fair, community educational events(e.g. conversations with Jane, book club), and maintains the school library. Need to have weekday daytime availability.

  • House Committee

    Organizes the repair and maintenance of classroom and school equipment.

  • Membership Committee

    Organizes and staffs prospective parent open-houses; attends annual preschool fair; coordinates and manages the lottery for school admission. Returning parents only.

  • Personnel Committee

    The Personnel Committee assists the Director and Board in all school personnel issues and prepares staff contracts.

  • Publicity Committee

    Generates positive publicity for the school and staff through coordinating speaking engagements, articles, presentations and other activities. Works with technology team to manage the website.

  • Social Committee

    Organizes and staffs all-school social events (e.g. Ralph’s World Concert, the School Carnival and plate making) and Parent’s Day. These are strictly social events, not fundraisers.

  • Special Events Committee

    Plans, organizes and runs the annual fundraising events (Mind-the-Gap and Annual Gala/Silent Auction).

  • Technology Committee

    Assists the office with the upkeep of computer equipment; assists the office in the purchase of new computer equipment, as needed; provides office staff with technical assistance and support, including help with the school website.