Quotes from our parents' survey

“Wonderful safe environment where children's voices are heard and respected”

“The amazing staff.... from Jane, the teachers, to Heidi and Nada.   A Wonderful place for children to begin their years of school experience.... how it creates a LOVE of learning and school.”

"Park West has surpassed all of our expectations. Our family has learned so much over the past two years."

"Our teachers are intuitive, compassionate, and understanding. They try to get into the minds of the children to understand what is really going on when they are feeling sad or angry. They give children the tools they need to cope with life's unexpected surprises. They also give parents ideas to encourage, enrich, and educate our children in the best ways possible."

"My child's best advocates!  The teachers are amazing, talented and so well fit for their positions."

"I loved the notes I would get!  I know it's not realistic to be able to write notes for each child daily or weekly.  Know that they were truly appreciated.  Friends with children at other preschools have told me that they felt that their children's school lives were a complete mystery...I never felt that way.  Everyone's communication about what my child was doing, some interaction, etc.  was treasured and appreciated!"

"I loved getting to know the other kids and observing classroom dynamics firsthand"

"Park West is truly a unique place. I can not express enough how much our family values the entire Park West experience."

"Park West is so much more than just a school for our kids, the co-op has fostered friendships for the adults as well."

“Everyone should be so lucky as to experience at least a year at Park West before going out into the 'real world'.  Park West is truly a family.  It's a place where everyone feels like they belong."

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


Comments about Jane


"I think you are one of the most exceptional people I have ever met.  You have made me feel welcome and comfortable since I met you.  What you do is no small feat and I marvel when I see you every day.  Thank you for all your efforts and caring so much for my children.  Thank you."

"An amazing woman, leader, educator!  Loved the fact that I would see her every morning, sometimes in the halls.  She knew everyone's name and made everyone feel welcome and special.  The fact that she would take time out to call or discuss separation issues was greatly appreciated."