Parent/Toddler Program

The Parent/Tot program is intended to provide materials and an environment that facilitates exploration while maintaining emotional support from a parent or caretaker. Since children at this age are not yet ready for focused projects, the toddlers are free to navigate throughout the classroom and to explore the array of sensory material made available to them. Their parent or caregiver is always accessible to them when they need to emotionally “refuel”. The Parent/Toddler program provides an opportunity for the child to become comfortable in an environment outside of his/her home with other children while still providing the security of being with a known adult that is not a teacher.


Additionally, parents and caretakers are able to connect with each other and exchange ideas related to their children.


Sample activities include: painting, sand table, water table, musical instruments, various tactile mediums (e.g. corn meal, play dough, etc) and imaginary play toys. Group time for reading and singing, along with family-style snack encourage social interactions. Unstructured play time in the gym facilitates the use of gross motor skills while providing the children an opportunity to ride bikes, throw balls and simply run around with each other.


Park West has two Parent/Toddler classes, each with 16 children and two facilitators.


Please note that admission into the Parent/Toddler program does not give priority status into the Park West Cooperative Nursery School Program