Junior Kindergarten (JK)

The Jr. Kindergarten classes include a majority of returning children. Consequently, students are familiar with each other, the class schedules and the general operation of the school. In order to prepare students for Kindergarten there are no assisting parents in the classroom but rather, two teachers and an assistant. The primary focus is on each other and there is a great deal of self-initiated ideas (e.g. I want to build a kite!). As the projects become more complex children often enlist each other for ideas and assistance. The children are encouraged and supported to develop these ideas by teachers and fellow classmates. 

A strong focus on letters and numbers develops along with a heightened interest in board games. This emphasis on cognitive processes and standardization of rules leads children to naturally embrace competition, learn to negotiate and problem solve. All of this is done with the watchful support of teachers.

Sample activities include: Paddle ball painting, class leader, board games, group time, family-style snack, voting on group activities, name recognition, journaling, creating agendas and calendars, unstructured and structured gym games and field trips.

This class has 18 children with two co-teachers and an assistant teacher.