Fundraising is necessary to bridge the gap between tuition and expenses, as tuition alone does not cover Park West's operating costs. These operating costs include, but are not limited to, compensation and benefits, classroom equipment and supplies, rent and repairs, insurance and financial aid.

A copy of the annual budget, which lists projected income and expenses, is available in the school office for review. All families are expected to participate in Park West's fundraising efforts, which are planned and organized by the Special Events Committee.

Each year the Special Events Committee Co-Chairpersons, supported by the Board of Directors, strive to provide families with a variety of options for meeting their fundraising obligations. These options may include, and have included in the past, contributing to a Mind the Gap or pledge drive, soliciting or donating items for silent/live auctions, soliciting space for an ad book, and purchasing/selling raffle tickets.

In order for PWCNS to remain the wonderful school that it is, parents are asked each year to contribute money to our Mind-the-Gap campaign. The campaign helps to bridge the gap between the expenses covered by tuition and the full cost of educating your child and running the school. The funds from Mind-the-Gap are used to pay for rent, teacher salaries, classroom supplies and maintenance of the building. Money raised through this pivotal campaign helps to keep our tuition costs down and ensures the high standard of education we provide through our long-standing superior teaching staff. Your $1000 or more donation is 100% tax deductible and can be divided into two payments. Many companies have matching gift programs that can double your contribution.

Please note that as part of Park West's fundraising efforts, each family is required to purchase a minimum of two tickets to the spring fundraising gala.

  1. Donate two auction items or one auction item and a "Fund-A-Need" request.
  2. Donate one bottle of your favorite special occasion wine to be auctioned at the Gala.

Early in the school year, families will be apprised of Park West's fundraising expectation – the amount necessary to cover the gap between other income and estimated expenses – and the various options for meeting this need. The goal is to enable each family to contribute in a manner that is appropriate for it. Park West, like other schools, recognizes the necessity of fundraising as a means to balancing its budget and, accordingly, values the efforts of all its families in this respect.

Questions concerning fundraising should be directed to the Special Events Committee Co-Chairpersons, the school Director or Board President.