"Where children and their ideas are taken seriously.”

There is a reason we believe so strongly in this motto.  At Park West, we encourage children to explore the world around them and to think critically.  Our trained teachers are excellent ambassadors for assisting the child through this exploration and in developing their ideas.

  • A Play Based Approach

    Park West’s ambition is to challenge and guide every child to develop in physical, cognitive, social, emotional and moral domains.

  • 2 Day - AM

    The 2 day AM class is usually the child’s first experience without a parent or known caretaker.

  • 3 Day - AM

    The 3-day AM class may also be the first experience outside of the home without a parent or known caretaker.

  • 3 Day - PM

    The 3-day PM class is similar to that of the 3-day AM class with a few differentiating characteristics.

  • 4 Day - AM

    The 4-Day AM class is generally a mix of new and returning students.

  • Junior Kindergarten (JK)

    The Jr. Kindergarten classes include a majority of returning children.

  • Parent/Toddler Program

    The Parent/Tot program is intended to provide materials and an environment that facilitates exploration while maintaining emotional support from a parent or caretaker.