Assisting in the Classroom

Please note that only parents can assist, not caregivers or others. Parent adult medical forms, including results of a negative TB test, must be on file in the office before parents can assist in the classroom. There are some specific assisting procedures that parents must follow.

Please arrive ½ hour before class begins to help set up, and expect to stay about ½ hour after class to help clean up.  Please finish or discard any coffee, tea, or other hot beverage before entering the classroom.


  • Wash hands (yours and your child’s) upon arrival.
  • Put on your Park West apron. There are child-size aprons for your child to wear if they choose.
  • Unload dishwasher and sink dish drainer to retrieve your classroom's pitchers and serving bowls or baskets. (We will now be using disposable cups and napkins located in your snack set up area.) School is in the process of buying a new dishwasher. Parents will be notified of new procedures and dishwasher loading instructions once the dishwasher is installed.
  • Fill hand washing basins with warm water
  • Fill sanitizing bottle, adding a capful of bleach to the water. Keep out of reach of children in the classroom.  This will be used to clean off tables before and after snack time. Children may not use the spray bottle with bleach.
  • Hang up nametags in the cubby area.
  • Begin to prepare your snack. Fill pitchers with your beverage and water (don’t forget the lids); Fill baskets and large bowls with snack (cut fruit right before snack during class). Store the snack in the prep area until snack time (or in the refrigerator in the 3rd floor conference room if snack requires refrigeration).
  • Help teachers with any classroom preparation as needed.
  • Five minutes before the class begins, the director will gather all assisting parents to help with arrival. When outside, you will be escorting children from their cars to other assisting parents or to their hand washing areas where a teacher will be stationed. Having your assisting apron on lets the drop-off parents know that you are a trusting adult. Please stay outside until the director releases you to your classroom. Please be sure to introduce yourself to parents as they are dropping off their children.



  • During free play, you may participate in tabletop activities, read to and play with small groups, and spend time with your child (s/he may prefer to play just with you, or may just want to touch base once in a while. Some children like to help you with your jobs, but others prefer not to. It’s ok to follow his/her lead.)
  • Supervise bathroom visits including hand washing.
  • Wash tables before snack as well as your child’s and your hands.
  • Set-up snack, sit with a table of students during snack and then clean up.
  • After snack sweep floor under and near snack tables.
  • During gym time, the teachers may ask you to supervise a certain area of the gym. Participate in gym activities.
  • Sit with group at story time.
  • Help put on jackets, boots, etc. and help distribute artwork per teachers’ instructions.


  • Load dishwasher. See graphic at dishwasher on how to load
  • Empty, wash, and sanitize hand-washing basin and return to the classroom.
  • Spray tabletops with bleach solution to sanitize. Allow to air dry.
  • Drain water table using the spout and buckets located under the water table. Please be aware when draining, so that the buckets do not overflow.
  • Sweep floors and sand area.
  • Vacuum rugs. Children may not use the vacuum.
  • Put nametags away.
  • Empty all smaller wastebaskets into one large garbage bag. Place that garbage bag outside the first floor classroom. Replace the garbage bag with a new one.
  • Tidy up room as needed
  • Some children enjoy helping after class while others get tired of it.  Helping your child find a quiet activity, like a puzzle or a book, or providing a snack that meets all of schools snack guidelines (Please refer to snack guidelines to ensure your child snack is safe to have in the classroom) while you clean may help.

Please refer to the assisting procedures posted in the classroom for specifics about your child’s class. If you have any questions ask your teachers. They will be happy to clarify anything for you.