Additional Policies and Procedures

Absentee Policy

Please call the school or leave a message on the voice mail if your child will be absent from school on a particular day whether it is for illness or another reason.


If you are planning a vacation while school is in session, please notify your child's teacher in advance of your departure.



Park West has a number of outside consultants that come in to observe classes and offer insights to the teaching staff on a regular basis. All information is used for continuing education for the staff and to help provide the best possible environment for the children.


Field Trips

Children enjoy their time at school, and trips away from school are infrequent. When field trips are planned, families will be notified in advance. Park West uses only licensed school buses and seat belts are used at all times when transporting children. Teachers carry cell phones, first aid supplies, and all emergency medications and information with them. Alternate transportation arrangements are available if there is a problem with the transportation vehicles during the trip.


Fire Drills

Fire drills teach our staff and children what to do in case of fire and also test the fire equipment to insure it is in working order. Licensing mandates monthly fire drills. Since the alarm is loud and can frighten some children, our teachers make a point of preparing children for their first experience with school fire drills.


Late Policy/Early Release

The first thirty minutes of class are an important transition time so we ask that children not be more than a half-hour late. We also want to discourage you from taking children out of school a half-hour before the end of class so as not to disrupt your child's routine and the routine of the entire class. Therefore, if your child will be a half- hour late for school or need to leave school a half-hour before dismissal, please keep your child at home that day.


No Smoking Policy

Park West is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is also not permitted immediately outside the school entrance.


Parent/Teacher Conferences

There are two formal parent/teacher conferences during the school year; one in fall and one in spring. This is a time for a dialogue about your child and/or the school program. It is also a time for parents to share with teachers information about experiences or changes at home that might influence the child's behavior at school. You will want to make child care arrangements for your child during these conferences, as children do not attend.

Teachers are not able to talk with parents about substantial issues before or during class time or at dismissal, but you can make arrangements with your teachers for a mini-conference or phone conference as needed.


Release of Information

All information in children's files is CONFIDENTIAL.  Access to the information in children's files is restricted to that child's parents or guardians, Park West staff, and the Secretary of the Board of Directors.  Files are kept for five years at the school as required by licensing standards.  Children's files will only be released with written permission from a child's parents or guardian.



Please be aware that Park West Cooperative Nursery School takes the security of children and staff very seriously. The front door of the school is to remain firmly closed and locked at all times, except arrival and dismissal when staff are present.  Those requiring entrance to the building must ring the bell and wait for a staff member to assist them. Please do not let anyone into the building without approval by staff members. Be sure that when you leave the building the door is firmly closed and locked behind you.


School Closing Policy/Text Message Alerts

It is the policy of Park West Cooperative Nursery School to close the school, at the discretion of the Director and/or Executive Board Members, under the following circumstances: 1) when weather conditions are extremely severe, 2) when an emergency within the school building makes it impossible for classes to be in session, or 3) when other situations exist which make it necessary for the school to close for the safety of the children.

In the event of a school closing, it is the recommendation of Park West Cooperative that parents refer to the following sources: 1) text alert messages 2) an e-mail notification which will be sent to all parents pertaining to a school closing, 3) the school answering machine for a message regarding a school closing, or 4) the school website.


St. Paul's Property

We rent our space from St Pauls Church and have had a long, fruitful relationship with the church. All members of our cooperative are expected to respect church property before, during and after school. It is especially important that children not climb the trees, run on the access ramp, ring the bell at the ramp door, or trample the grass and flowers.


The South end of the loading zone – behind white line – is designated for St. Pauls Church. Park West parents may NEVER use the south end of the loading zone at any time including arrival and dismissal . There will be a sign or sandwich board to indicate that the south end of the loading zone is to be reserved only for St. Pauls use at all time. St Pauls will be towing cars from their end of the loading zone.