3 Day - PM

The 3-day PM class is similar to that of the 3-day AM class with a few differentiating characteristics. The age of this class is slightly older than the 3-Day AM class, and since the kids have been waiting all morning to get to school, the class generates a very high level of energy.

Children often move quickly towards independence and autonomy which allows teachers to introduce new concepts and multi-step projects. With an increase in group interaction also comes an increase in negotiation and a de-centering of one’s self.

Sample activities include: painting, sand table, water table, imaginary play, multi-use of scissors, markers and tape, creation of calendars, group time, family-style snack time, unstructured gym games and walking field trips.

A parent or caretaker needs to be available to help with the separation process.

This class has 18 children with two co-teachers and an assistant teacher, and one assisting parent each day.