3 Day - AM

The 3-day AM class may also be the first experience outside of the home without a parent or known caretaker. Initially, focus remains on the class materials and teachers but will eventually move to more interactive play with other children. Teachers help kids to deconstruct processes, negotiate with others and make themselves more aware of the children and activities around them. However, there still remains a great deal of focus on providing the children with emotional security.

Over the course of the year, children will begin to identify with various groups and strive for clarity and understanding. Teachers will introduce the idea of raising hands to speak or taking turns for a game. Children may create a class calendar that facilitates writing and counting skills.

Sample activities include: painting, sand table, water table, imaginary play, multi-use of scissors, markers and tape, creation of calendars, group time, family-style snack time, unstructured gym games and walking field trips.

A parent or caretaker needs to be available to help with the separation process.

This class has 18 children with two co-teachers and an assistant teacher, and one assisting parent each day.