2 Day - AM

The 2 day AM class is usually the child’s first experience without a parent or known caretaker. Subsequently, the separation process is a prominent focus as the child adjusts to the transition from home to school.

Partaking in parallel play with each other, children of this age prefer to focus on the materials and teachers while playing physically near one another. Teachers use reflective  language to engage the children and facilitate communication.

Sample activities include: painting, sand table, water table, musical instruments, various tactile mediums (e.g. corn meal, play dough, etc) and imaginary play toys. Group time for reading and singing, along with family-style snack encourage social interactions. Unstructured play time in the gym facilitates the use of gross motor skills while providing the children an opportunity to ride bikes, throw balls and simply run around with each other.

Because of the concentrated time with teachers this class has fewer children (16) than the other classes (18). It is required that a parent or caretaker come at least the first 3 weeks of school in order to help with the separation process.

This class has 16 children, with two co-teachers and an assistant teacher, and one assisting parent each day.